A Smiling Sunshine: Chapter 1 – Meeting


A train express stopped in Seoul Station, a small delicate body got off from the train with a pack of full people. She felt really stuffy inside because it was a rush hours in the morning. She wore a white long sleeve t-shirt and a blue long skirt, behind her back there was a black small backpack. She felt glad that she came in rush hours, if not the guard might be asking her why she was not in the school and it would lead to a bigger headache.

She did feel bad and  wanted to run away. Tired, she was really tired. Not because she became a muddle head with her experience of being squeezed, but what she left behind that made her really tired.

She needed an entertainment. It was why she first choose to go to an amusement park then had some trips in Seoul with her past years saving. Those saving  had been arduous saved since she was in her junior high for her higher tuition, but now she decided to use it to fulfill her bottle up desire.

It took her more than half and two hours to arrive at one of most popular amusement parks in Seoul, Everland. She saw the big entrance with the eyes of longing, but slightly hurt to realize how much money she had to spent to go in.

‘No, I had to not be restrained with those things! I must have fun!’ she braced her self to be selfish and went inside.

She played for more than an hours and despite she fulfilled one of her desire, but her face still not showing a happy or satisfied face, like a normal high school girl in her primes of seventeen years old. Could it be was because she still not spend much time? So, she decided to go playing for another half an hour, but the expecting result did not come.

She went blank for a few minutes and stand still in the middle of road. Since she didn’t know how to make herself feel excited, so she was looking around to get more familiar with the view. ‘Maybe this would be her last chance to go to here, who knows?’ She though.

Suddenly from her side eyes there was a person that caught her attention, so she turned her body to get a better look at the person.

He is steadily walking to her way. His tall and sturdy body, his black jet hair, and his domineering black eyes like it would suck you inside made her could not take her eyes. When she was too mesmerized with him, all of a sudden his slightly lower head tilted and his black deep eyes stared exactly to her irises. She felt she could see her reflecting in his black deep eyes.

She felt, she had seen him before somewhere.


Tring~~ ring~ ring~~~

For N-times his hand phone has been rung, making him had a headache. Almost all of them were from his manager. He had already said to his manager that he needed some times for himself. So today he took a holiday, but who know his manager not allowed it and persistence to persuade him.

Not only his manager, even his parents gave him pressure. They never allowed him to be an entertain, instead they always wanted to pass down their business company toward him. Okay if all of them wanted to employ him so much, they could dismember him. For his parents he would bestow them his brain and for his manager he would bestow him his body! So much pressure made him nearly go mad. What he needed now was only time for himself.

And the first place he thought for himself was an amusement park. So childish but he did not care. Might be recognized? Who’s care.

He tried some of the games, but he couldn’t get himself in to it. After a while, he did some strolls and tried some of the foods. Trying to not be obvious and not being attention, however his hope was not granted. Suddenly his hand phone rang again and drown people to look at him. After that he could hear some people whispering behind his back.

‘D***!’ he cursed inside. He might say that he did not care, but how much troubles he would go if he was recognized? So the first things he did were faster his walk and went out from this place. He could feel some people followed behind him.

“Isn’t it Kang Seo Joon?” He could hear one of these people whispered it.

“No way?! Really?”

“I feel it really is him!”

“I am not too sure, let’s follow him a bit. Or should we ask him?”

“Yeah, I doubt it too. Why he is alone?” one of them said. “I think, we should follow him a bit.”

He frowned when he heard it, feeling uncomfortable inside. He tried to not walk too fast and too slow, but he still could feel burning gazed of those flock people. Why did he not lucky? He had already choose today because it was not a holiday’s day!

He keep on walking, not care about those flock people anymore. He slightly lowered his head so not attracted more people, but with his aura and those flocking followers, how could he not be an attention? He felt powerless, even considered to stop and smiled toward them. Hence he slowed his walk and tilted his head up.

The first thing he saw was a tiny figure in front of him. Her unfashionable clothe still could not hide her beauty, her black jet hair flew because of wind so natural and made her face even more beautiful. But those brown eyes that made him wanted to see it more clearly, so he was staring her without any desire to draw it back.

Whose known that suddenly the girl walked toward him and said, “Oppa, why are you so late? Did you play without waiting for me again?”

He was so flabbergasted and shock made him stopped his walk. Before he could answer her, she already cut him.

“Who are the people behind your back? Your friends? Do not you said it was only us?”

“No, they are not my friends. Did they follow me?” He tilted his head but not facing those flock people, he decided to tag along her playing.

“Mm, they did. Might I ask you guys what do you need with ‘my oppa’?” She stressed the last two words and grabbed his sleeve to show them her possessive.

“Ah, sorry, but we want to ask you, are you Kang Soe Joon?” One of those flock girls brave herself to ask.

Felling not polite to lie to his fans, he decided to facing them. But before he could do it, a small hands already stopped him and said, “Do you want to compare my oppa with Kang Soe Joon? My oppa more handsomer than him!” She said with declaration satisfied smile and made those flock people felt disgusting.

They wanted to rebuke her, but it was their fault to follow ‘her oppa’ and it would be so childish to argue with a little girl like her. Hence, they went back and mumbled how narcissist she was.

After they gone she freed her hands from his hand and made indifferent face again. He lowered his head to see her and said, “Should I thank you or do you have ulterior motifs?” He was not trying to make himself looked humble or polite, because he knew that this little girl screamer to get something from him.

She looked up and meet his face. “Of course I have. I need your signatures.” She calmly answered him and stared him into his iris eyes. He could see his reflection in her eyes and both of their faces so close until he briefly could fell her breath. If others saw them they might be mistaken it to lover gazed, but they didn’t know there were sparks between it.

He raised  one of his brows and said with a little disbelieved, “Signatures?” He didn’t know where this confident came from, but he said with sure, “I even can see you are not my fans or someone who interests in public figures and you need my signatures?”

He could see her slightly surprised expression and then she said with her innocence expression, “You know? Umm, It not for me. But others.” and then she said again. “I need it so I could sell it to my friends.”

Didn’t know why, he supposed to be mad because someone didn’t appreciate him. Instead his lips made a beautiful arc and said, “You need a bunch? If so, you have to prepare more papers.”



A Portion of Us: Prologue – Snow white



This is not a fairy tale, when you are in your lowest life there will be fairy God mother came.

This is not a snow white, when in you are in trouble there will be dwarfs that will help you out.

And this is not a happy story which you could chose, but hope will be come a happy one.

When you finally lose something, you will know how important it was. I have heard about it a tousand time, ‘you will know the value how precious you hold dear when you lose it.’

Ah, yes, finally i know. Is it too late? I am sorry, I am sorry…


I am sorry.